Reject Business Broadband Regulation, Cable Tells FCC

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

The cable industry is urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reject “extreme proposals” advanced by “competitive carriers” in the business broadband proceeding, according to a recent filing. The competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) industry, a subset of the business broadband marketplace, is asking the FCC for favorable regulatory treatment to help it compete in an arena where other industries – including cable – are heavily investing.

The cable industry said the FCC’s job is to thoroughly examine the extent of competition in a marketplace where cable is playing a “significant and growing” role, which has benefitted business customers, the filing said. Cable wants the FCC to preserve incentives for continuing and expanding competition, a view USTelecom supports.

“Virtually any area with special access demand will contain cable company facilities that serve, or are capable of serving, business customers,” said the filing from the National Cable & Telecommunications Association. Both the Justice Department and FCC have recognized that the presence of competitive facilities in an area is competitively significant. The special access data collection shows that multiple competitors – sometimes more than a dozen – typically have deployed fiber in census blocks where there is demand.